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Why Is Link Exchange Important

The number of links to your site is widely accepted as a measure of your web site's popularity within the web community. To become successful, and to climb the ladder of important search engine searches such as Google, it is important to develop incoming links into your web site to prove that others accept your site content to be of value and interest.

Link Exchange is the web method of networking and to share information amongst like minded people who are happy to recommend your web site to its own site's readers and to give you a vote of good favour.

For link exchanges to be of value to you it is important to ensure that the links you receive come from a web site that is both relevant to yours and from a reputable source such as a web forum, web directory or informative web logs and of course other web sites.

To create a directory of web links you first need to have a link exchange mechanism and have pages that enable other web sites to place their links in exchange for links from their sites back to you. This sounds simple enough but there are probably millions of web sites without this facility and still to this day have not realised how important this is if you truly intend to improve your search engine rankings.

A reciprocal link exchange is not generally for readers to follow; instead they are created to increase your link popularity amongst the web community.

Search Engines will look at your link popularity when they spider your web site to count your links and to evaluate your growing popularity within the Internet community and use this information as part of their algorithm. It is not as simple as that but in principal the higher number of quality links you have pointing to your site the better this means and increases your rankings with the search engine that recognise that fact.

Link Strategies for Internet Marketing


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