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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation and is an integral part of any successful web marketing strategy if you want to increase your web site rankings and customer traffic it is absolutely essential. A web site without any SEO is like an expensive piece of jewellery that is never worn and kept in the drawer.

Search Engine Optimisation consists of a number of applications including keyword analysis, content creation, optimisation of text, meta tags and page titles and descriptions, the removal of any preventative code that inhibits or restricts the spidering of the site, page layout, link structure and link management to name a few.

Search Engine Optimisation is best carried out by skilled and experienced practitioners who know their business and can keep up to date with the latest methods and best practices. The world of Search Engine Optimisation is changing constantly and what was effective 6 months ago can be far less effective today and the need for change is the only true constant.

All search engines, such as Google, have their own unique algorithm which is not published but is a secret in-house formula which is constantly updated and improved to meet the needs of searchers and to prevent smart web masters getting the better of them.

Search Engine Optimisation practices seem to be shrouded in mystery by the majority of web specialists in an attempt to protect their skills and knowledge, indeed there seems to be an aura of mystic and is often likened to a mystical art of SEO potion making. The truth is that it is certainly not black magic but it can be in the form of Black, Grey or White styles.

There are three basic types of SEO practices:

White Hat SEO White Hat SEO
Grey Hat SEO Grey Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO

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