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Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation (Black Hat SEO)

These practices are on the black side as they are on the wrong side of the search engines guidelines and whilst they will get you quick results they will cause you problems with your web site in the long term and can result in severe penalties and site demotion and even removal from the main index and exclusion. Black Hat practitioners will usually make bold promises such as obtaining top 10 positioning on Google within a few months, whilst it's not absolute it many cases they can make rapid movements to your ranking in the short term but there is a heavy price to pay in the long term.

Once the search engines spiders have identified your site it is marked without warning and will suddenly disappear from the rankings over night or at the very next update. All forms of denial and apology are useless as you have effectively committed a cardinal sin by crossing the line. Whilst the company who performed the acts go on after receiving your payment to commit further black hat practices to other web sites you are left with a banned URL and left out to die in the wilderness of oblivion. Such sites will never return to their dizzy heights of success even after you have removed any offending material and practices such as fake links or numerous other methods.

Black Hat SEO

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